Vita Deyun, first Mexican treatment that proves effective against Covid-19

Vita Deyun is the first Mexican treatment that has undergone rigorous laboratory tests, but has also proven its effectiveness in more than 7,500 people.

Mexican doctors performed numerous in-vitro tests on patients and health personnel to verify the effectiveness of the supplement, which was developed with the support of Jalisco’s private sector, against the SARS-COV2 virus.

All the tests yielded highly encouraging results, both to prevent infection and to avoid or reduce Covid-19 symptoms. Due to its results, it has also been the only one worldwide to publicly present its clinical protocol.

During the Health and Hygiene Expo, which was held in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on September 2 and 3, doctors from different states of the country, and those who verified the effectiveness of Vita Deyun first hand, spoke about their experience with the supplement.

In the conference entitled “Clinical experience in patients with SARS-COV2”, Dr. Salvador Icedo Zamora, director of the General Hospital of Ciudad Obregón (HGCO) in Sonora, narrated that in said hospital Vita Deyun was administered to a group of patients in acute phases, which is also critical, since the vast majority of these patients require intubation, and of them only 1% recover.

When administered Vita Deyun, 70% of the patients did not require intubation. It should be noted that most of them had comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, which have been proven to complicate the health of Covid-19 patients.

For Dr. Zamora, these results were very “flattering”, therefore the health personnel who attend the HGCO also received preventive treatment so that they do not contract the virus, and to date, there has been a 100% effective.

All the personnel have been given a punctual follow-up to document the effect of the treatment and “we have not known of a single one that has been infected despite having a high degree of viral contamination,” the doctor stressed. It is estimated that at a preventive level, Vita Deyun could prevent the spread of the virus for up to a year.

Vita Deyun has proven to be effective in preventing Covid-19 infections and also in reducing symptoms in people who already carry the virus.

In the first case, it acts by inhibiting the expression of the enzyme ACE2, which allows the virus to adhere to a healthy cell, infect it and reproduce, causing the disease in the carrier and making it a source of contagion.

In the second, the Vita Deyun formula inhibits Interleukin 6 (IIL-6), which is a substance that the body secretes as an immune response to an external agent. This causes the symptoms of Covid-19, such as acute inflammation, and complicates others such as pneumonia, which in patients with comorbidities or in advanced stages of the disease can be fatal.

Vita Deyun was developed with the support of Jalisco businessmen and has been tested by various doctors and specialists from various fields, in various parts of the country.

The first test of Vita Deyun was carried out on May 15 at the Puerto Vallarta Regional Hospital, to strengthen the immune system of the staff. The treatment was administered to 60 nurses, who work face-to-face with Covid-19 patients.

In addition to Vita Deyun boosting their immune systems, none of them showed signs or symptoms of the disease. To date, all the nurses who received the treatment continue to be constantly monitored and their health is excellent, since Vita Deyun allows them to carry out their work without risk of contracting the disease, protecting them and their families.

Another test performed on Vita Deyun was at the Centro de Investigación Biomédica de Occidente (CIBO) of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) in Jalisco, under the supervision of Dr. José Sánchez Corona, who in addition to being director of the center, he is an expert in molecular genetics, for which he has received multiple awards for his work and has the title of National Level III Researcher, awarded by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT).

During the forum “Advances in scientific research at the IMSS in the fight against Covid-19”, where the graduate in nursing Edith Bermúdez Alonso, delegate of the IMSS in Jalisco, was also present, Dr. Sánchez Corona presented the results by stating that “yes it is possible to prevent the virus from penetrating the cell, infecting it, if one has previously taken the dose… People who are intubated in 48 hours no longer need intubation and are usually discharged after 72 hours ”.

Doctors who have already seen the results of Vita Deyun plan to implement a protocol in clinics 110 and 46 in Jalisco, and possibly the HRCO will join, to administer the supplement to COVID patients who authorize it. The results will be announced shortly and it will be considered to extend the tests to other clinics.

This is the first treatment worldwide whose effectiveness has been widely proven and studied, which is why it is the only one that has the support of the medical and scientific community as a viable, safe, and effective proposal to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Vita Deyun is available in the Farmacias Guadalajara chain at a price of 1,800 pesos. The treatment contains 100 milliliters and 10 milliliters should be taken in the morning and 10 milliliters at night, for 5 days.

PVDN has not independently verified the findings announced. No treatment should be taken without a doctor’s supervision.

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