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Widespread outages processing bank transactions across Mexico

Several of Mexico’s largest banks reported on Saturday that they were experiencing problems processing debit and credit card payments while some shops in the capital informed customers that they would only accept cash payments.

Banorte, HSBC and Santander all said on their Twitter accounts that the problem was with the company that was processing card payments, and that they were working on finding a solution.

Stores posted signs informing customers that their payment systems were down. Twitter users across Mexico reported the same problems.

The problem was within the PROSA system, the leading electronic banking, and credit card transaction switch in Latin America. The issue was with ATM transactions, point of sale terminals, recurring charges, Proinfo, Procom, Payware, among others. Late Saturday night, PROSA announced that the issue was repaired and coming back online in the early morning hours of Sunday.

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The failure comes as the administration of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is promoting the use of cards instead of cash in an attempt to clamp down on illicit cash and increase financial inclusion.

The banks affiliated with the PROSA company are :

This story has been updated with information that PROSA has announced the issue with their system has been resolved.