July 17, 2023

U.S Turns Up Heat on Mexico Over Endangered Species; Threatens Trade Sanctions

PUERTO VALLARTA (PVDN) - United States President Joe Biden, on Monday, challenged Mexico to amplify their conservation efforts for the endangered vaquita and totoaba, with...
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Mexican Ship Rescues Australian Castaway and His Dog Who Survived 3 Months at Sea

PUERTO VALLARTA (PVDN) - In a real-life 'Cast Away' scenario, an Aussie sailor and his dog defy death, surviving two months adrift on the Pacific...
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American Citizen Freed After Nine Months in Captivity in Jalisco

PUERTO VALLARTA (PVDN) - American citizen Mónica de León Barba, held hostage in Jalisco, Mexico for nearly nine months, was finally released on the night...
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Weather Forecast July 17, 2023: Puerto Vallarta Prepares for a Mix of Sunshine and Rain

PUERTO VALLARTA (PVDN) - "Sun, Rain, and Everything In Between: Puerto Vallarta's Wild Weather Ride Awaits You!" Hold onto your hats and keep your sunscreen...
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