5 tips for moving out on your own for the first time (and hopefully last)

If you are already at that age (or already feel the call) to leave your parents’ home and find your own space, first: congratulations, well done!; Second, if you feel worried, nerves or fear, it’s only natural. You are not alone.

Thinking about how difficult and significant this process is, we have thought of some tips that will greatly facilitate your search work; Trust us, you will be fine!

Live near your work

It seems that it this doesn’t need explanation, but it does. Why live close to your work? It will help you save a lot of money per month on transportation issues (here it’s worth seeing if there are bike paths nearby, if the distance to walk is optimal or public transport routes).

With that extra money saved, you can invest in your next vacation, in furnishing your new place or, go out and visit the surroundings of your new destination, it sounds good, doesn’t it?

Do not spend more than 30% of your salary on rent

You can get caught up in the excitement of a beautiful place with spectacular views and many amenities but have you thought about the maintenance, service costs, your full pantry or daily transport? Maybe not.

The best thing is that you divide your salary in such a way that the rent is paid with that 30% and you can live comfortably with the rest, easy, no? When I was growing up, 20-25% was the standard advice, but costs are rising and salaries are not, so I give you a bit more than I was recommended.

Define your needs

The option of living alone is what attracts you the most, but you should consider that the payments can consume a good part of your salary, then live with a roommate? It is a good option to consider.

You can find more than a simple roomie, they can become one of your best friends and support during this new stage of your life. They will help you with the expenses and cleanliness of the place, they will keep you company and will take care of you if you get sick (if they are a good roomie).

Size does matter

A residence worthy of a Forbes magnate is a dream that any of us have, there is no reason to deny it. However, getting such a large property contracts stratospheric expenses.

Furnishings, appliances, maintenance or cleaning, have you thought about that? A small but well-located place can be a great remedy: a loft or a studio. Consider if you already have furniture, will it fit in this new home and above all, how long you will spend here (this is essential to be able to economize). Besides, the more extra space you have, the more you will be tempted to buy things to fill the house up, blowing your budget before you know it.

The most important thing: save

This is the key to success. Saving, you can get a better place, furnish and decorate your space, go on vacation or know many places. Also, if you get sick or have some unforeseen situation you will have to get ahead without depending on your parents.

Do not worry, go out and research all the prospects you have in mind to live, and best of luck!

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