A growing wave of disappearances in Puerto Vallarta

Something serious is happening in Puerto Vallarta that has not been properly attended by the authorities, nor has it received local or national media attention. Recently, at least three cases of the disappearance of women have been reported, two of them, adolescents who were fortunately found, while an adult woman nine months pregnant is still missing.

Susana Carreño, of Radio Universidad de Guadalajara in Puerto Vallarta, unveiled the case of Jasmine Rubio Moreno, a 15-year-old adolescent, who apparently left her house at will, later was abducted and telephoned her father for help.

Jonathan Rubio, Jasmine’s father, asked for support from neighbors and relatives and through a call in social networks and printed flyers, he was able to make a search group on Thursday, February 28, managing to locate Jasmine safely.

Jasmine was located alive thanks to the information her father had provided and the mobilization of the family, friends, and neighbors, especially women who witnessed having seen her and provided information about her whereabouts, according to Sandra Quiñonez, of the Collective of Women in Puerto Vallarta.

The Attorney General’s Office who, according to the complaint of Jasmine’s father, responded negligently to the request to speed up the search. “We spoke to the Public Prosecutor Javier Maldonado and he was upset, he said ‘no, do not go, we are here and we are going to look for us (…), I have many pending responsibilities and now I’m going to have some tacos and tomorrow I will look.”

Dany, another teenager reported missing in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, was also found in Puerto Vallarta. Tlalnepantla authorities said the teenager was reported missing on February 24, a day after celebrating her 15th birthday. Thanks to the coordination with authorities in Jalisco, the cells of the Specialized Unit for the Search of Missing Persons were instructed and Dany was found at the airport in the company of an adult.

The worrying thing is that both Jasmine and Dany, it seems that they were in the same places in Puerto Vallarta, which shows the participation of trafficking networks, according to Sandra Quiñonez, of the Puerto Vallarta Women’s Collective. While these two teenagers were found alive, the disappearance of women continues in Puerto Vallarta. Since February 25, the disappearance of María del Rosario Pastor Segura, 35, who is nine months pregnant, has been reported. Until this Friday, her whereabouts were unknown.

Sandra Quiñonez maintains that in Puerto Vallarta there is a situation of extreme gravity that harms women. According to data collected by their organization, in Puerto Vallarta, more than a thousand people have disappeared from 2015 to date, many more cases than those recorded in the official registry. At the same time, it highlights the importance of the collaboration of neighbors to support family members who decide to do the search directly before waiting for the authorities to do their work.

By Rubén Martín
Edited by PVDN

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