Bus Driver Kills Man and Flees the Scene in Puerto Vallarta

Another victim of city buses lost his life on Monday after having his head crushed by a bus. The driver of the bus fled the scene on foot leaving his bus in the 5 de Diciembre colony where the event took place.

Locals said the man killed was known in the area as an alcoholic and many times passed by the area drunk in the middle of the streets or sitting on the sidewalks. Witnesses say the man was sitting on the side of the street when the bus went on the curb and hit the victim.

The bus unit 102 serviced Bucerias, La Cruz, and Puerto Vallarta according to the destinations marked on the vehicle and the Rivera Nayarit logo markings. The identity of the driver was not known as police work to find the information from the bus company.

This is the second accident in which a bus driver fled the scene leaving injured or killed victims in recent months.

* This story is based on the official police report and two eyewitnesses. While some comments below indicate our story is incorrect, none of those individuals were eyewitnesses to the event and have sourced Facebook posts from unidentified people to support their claims of Vallarta Daily’s inaccuracy in reporting. While individuals have the right to obtain news through whatever outlet they choose, Vallarta Daily will not source stories through Facebook or statements made by individuals who are not witnesses but friends of friend who ‘said’ they were at a location but did not make themselves available to media or authorities to be interviewed, we owe our readers a better sourced story than such claims. Therefore we stand by our story.

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  1. JRinPV

    See the multiple eyewitness reports on Facebook that contradict your eyewitnesses, or should I say Notacias’ eyewitnesses.

    1. So you were not a witness nor do you know anyone that was a witness. Your source is simply people talking about the event on Facebook. Seeing that the police report states about a dozen people were in the area, but only 3 admitted to actually seeing the event in progress, I am not confident in multiple people suddenly being witnesses for Facebook’s 15 minutes of fame. That isn’t where we source our stories.

      1. Justin Loman

        LOL That is right, everyone knows the story because a friend of a friend who has an uncle that takes the bus that came right after this one has a brother that is married to the sister of an aunt who was a witness. If you guys start using facebook posts as your story sources I will stop reading you. Keep up the good work, your story is accurate and inline with other reports I have read with several media outlets.

        1. Like we said, if there are other facts to the story people are free to go on the record with those facts so that we can question what is in the police report. We cannot very well approach authorities and tell them we have been told their reports are “rubbish” without having a counter story of events. So until someone makes the leap from story comment to actually wanting to get the truth out, this is the only truth we have been given on the events. I am guessing that a bus killed a man and the driver fled on foot. The only thing to dispute is if the victim was known to have a drinking problem. I have seen the photos, in fact his scull was crushed.

      1. Guest

        @JRinPV:disqus, would you mind elaborating on this? Of course, we all know that a police report may not be entirely accurate but if you have something to add, let’s hear it.

    1. @JRinPV:disqus , would you mind elaborating on this? Of course, we all know that a police report may not be entirely accurate but if you have something to add, let’s hear it.

      1. Justin Loman

        He was not a witness nor was he in the area. His source is what he has read on Facebook, which are people he cannot identify nor are personal friends of his. We should all just kill ourselves the day we actually look at Facebook to be our source of truth. Speaking of Rubbish.

    2. We contacted our friends at NotciasPV and they have also confirmed the events we reported are in line with their own witness interviews at the scene. March 9 at 5 PM a man was sitting on the sidewalk, the man was only identified by locals as someone they have seen before and indicated he had a drinking problem and often was laying on the sidewalks. (Who cares because that isn’t really relevant to the events) Bus 102 went on the curb of the sidewalk and hit the man crushing his skull. The bus driver then fled the scene on foot and at the time the story was filed over 24 hours ago, the driver had not been caught or identified. One witness was another bus driver who apparently tried to cover for this colleague. At this time we stand by our story with substantial evidence of the event including the police report, eye witness collaboration, and three other local media outlets reporting the exact facts without a single witness coming forward to dispute any story.

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