COVID-19 in Mexico: 17,580 deaths and 150,264 confirmed cases

On the 15th day of the return to the “new normal”, a strategy that aims to achieve the orderly and gradual reopening of the country’s economic, social and educational life, the Ministry of Health (SSa) reported on the progress of the epidemic by COVID-19 in the country.

According to the government data, in Mexico, there are 17,580 deaths recorded, with 439 new deaths today, and 150,264 confirmed cases of COVID-19, adding 3,427 new cases today.

The State of Jalisco reported yesterday a total of 6,589 cases of COVID-19, however, the federal government only reported 4,044, an under-reporting of cases by the Federal Government of 2,545 cases in the State.

Puerto Vallarta reported yesterday a total of 576 cases of COVID-19, the federal government only reported 388, under-reporting the coronavirus cases in the city by 188 cases.

From the National Palace, José Luis Alomía, director of Epidemiology, said that 20,392 active infections have been registered, which means that these patients presented symptoms in the last 14 days.

Regarding the number of accumulated suspicious cases, the figure rises to 53,217, and the tests that have yielded negative results add up to 211,616. The total number of people tested for COVID-19 in the country is 415,097, well below the testing numbers of any other Latin American country.

It is important to remember that the federal government numbers for COVID-19 cases are only those reported in the public healthcare system, private hospitals and laboratories are not reported by the federal government, so the numbers in this story do not tell the full story about COVID-19 in Mexico

Last Sunday, June 14, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the country had already gone through the most difficult stage of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I want to inform you about how we are leaving behind the most difficult stage of the pandemic. It is not singing victory or ringing the bell, but I consider that the most difficult, the most risky is over,” said the president in a video published on his Twitter account. The statement echoes the statement he made on May 9, assuring Mexico that the peak had been reached and Mexico had tamed the virus, a statement that over the past month has proven to have been inaccurate.

Likewise, he pointed out that if the strategy to deal with the health contingency had not been carried out, the virus would have exceeded the capacity of the health system.

“If we had not had your support, in late March and early April, only in the Valley of Mexico, it would have completely overwhelmed us (the pandemic) because we did not have enough beds,” he explained.

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