COVID-19 positivity rate in Puerto Vallarta lowers for second week

The positivity rate for coronavirus testing at the Diagnostic Center of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) in Puerto Vallarta has decreased for the second consecutive week, according to Dr. Jesús Aarón Curiel Beltrán, who oversees the center.

In his weekly report, the doctor released the figures that have been generated with respect to the tests carried out in the diagnostic center installed in the University Center.

To date, he reported, 1,876 PCR tests and 1,138 serological tests or also called rapid tests have been performed, giving a total of 3,014 tests performed. Less than 1% of the population in Puerto Vallarta has been tested for COVID-19.

The doctor also highlighted that during this week the number of tests carried out in the laboratory increased by 10 percent.

It is expected that the more testing that is done, the lower the positivity rate drops, so the recent drops are not an indication that the virus is slowing, only that more testing is being done, albeit at extremely low levels.

The doctor reported that last week there was a positivity rate of 43 percent in the results of the tests, and this week, the positivity rate continued to decrease to 38 percent.

In mid-July, the positivity of the results reached 60 percent. For this reason, the doctor called on citizens not to lower their guard and continue with the preventive measures recommended during the pandemic, which are the correct use of face masks, the use of disinfectant gel, as well as the practice of healthy distance and not going out unless strictly necessary.

According to criteria published by WHO in May, a positive rate of less than 5% is one indicator that the epidemic is under control in a country, far from the current situation in Puerto Vallarta.

According to the most recent data from the Jalisco Health Secretariat, Puerto Vallarta has recorded 147 deaths from COVID-19, while infections reach 2,313.

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