Crocodile attacks tourist on Nuevo Vallarta beach (Graphic Video)

A crocodile attacked a sunbather in Nuevo Vallarta and the video of the animal in the sea, as well as the victim with a bite on his right leg, has caused surprise among internet users who have made it viral on social networks.

Puerto Vallarta media have shared the video in which a man records the crocodile in the sea. “Just see how big it is; it just bit a person, fortunately, he came out alive because three people helped him,” he says.

In the images, you can barely see a shape in the sea, because the conditions are dark. The man who shares the video says that they are on the beach near the Flamingos Club, in Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit.

Another video shows the victim of the alligator, a 24-year-old man from Texas, who is attended by other tourists while his leg is seen injured by the bite of the reptile. His state of health was reported as stable after being transferred to a hospital in the area, according to reports from Vive Puerto Vallarta.

“Everything is going to be fine!”, his companion expresses to him, while the victim screams in pain in an explicit scene.

The attack of crocodiles on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta is a constant alert, especially in the rainy season when, due to the increase and overflow of rivers, the animals leave their habitat.

Just yesterday, through the Sub-Directorate of Environment, authorities in Puerto Vallarta attended to citizen reports about the sighting of a 1.52-meter crocodile in the area from the Cuale River, which was captured and was relocated to a suitable area to avoid risks to the population and guarantee the well-being of this specimen.

For the capture, the Human – Crocodile Contingency Attention protocols were followed, which are implemented in this type of case. The Environment Directorate reminds citizens that in case of observing the presence of crocodiles outside their habitat, they must have a minimum distance of 10 meters, do not feed them or throw objects and they must report to 911. Besides that, they should not invade the areas where this species inhabits.

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