Crocodile known as Mr. Stubbs gets new 3D printed tail

Mr. Stubbs is a crocodile who lost his tail a couple of years ago as a victim of illegal animal trafficking. In 2013, the crocodile was found in a truck carrying different exotic animals in captivity, Mr. Stubbs was then transferred to the Herpetological Society of Phoenix.

In that center a first prosthesis made in plaster and other materials was built for the animal to recover its tail, however, the result obtained was not the best since the piece lacked flexibility and ease.

After several attempts to return Mr. Stubb’s tail, the team of specialists, led by the associate professor of Anatomy at Arizona Midwestern University, Justin Georgi, decided to use technology to help the animal.

They used an Artec 3D scanner to measure the crocodile and foresee its growth and that way, the future tail could be adapted correctly to the animal during the following years and it was not necessary to build a new one.

Mr. Stubbs has managed to adapt to his new prosthesis quickly, because according to the researchers, they told National Geographic, in the recovery center they noticed the crocodile’s progress with its new tail when he used it to hit one of the volunteers. At that time they found that he already used it naturally.

The animal has become an inspiration and a sample of the potential of 3D printing for biomedical.

Puerto Vallarta News

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