What’s really happening with the Marietas Islands?

According to Dr. Amilcar Cupul, research professor at the University Center of the Coast (CUC), the case of the Marieta Islands is similar to that of “Peter and the Wolf”, meaning it was announced last month that parts of the islands could face possible closure and, after several threats, the date was set for next May 9.

The closure pertains to Playa del Amor, or “Beach Love”, because the coral in the area has taken a white or yellowish color, a sign that the coral is dead or dying.

This beach had the largest coral reef in the area but had began to die in the 90’s from climate change and was expected to recover slowly, that has not happened because the growth of tourism, hotels and other growth in the area, which has caused material discharge into the sea, completely killing the coral and the coral, said the biologist.

As for the Island of Marieta, part of the strategy to be implemented is “replant” coral life in the area. “The planted coral is attached to the coral structure that already exists in 3 or 4 months, but this does not mean that at that time the beach will reopen, I do not think so and it’s not ideal”, he said.

[divider style=”solid” top=”20″ bottom=”20″]Love Beach at Marietas Islands closing due to tourist damage[divider style=”solid” top=”20″ bottom=”20″]

He also said that the “El Niño” is ending, probably later this year, so weather conditions will stabilize gradually, although there is also a risk that the intensity of the “El Niño” to generate the presence of “El Niña” that cools the atmosphere and is also harmful to the area.

“If el niño does go soon and if there are no major weather events in the year, the coral can be fixed in 4 months and once this replant is successful and strengthens, it will normalize everything,” he concluded.

Finally, neither he nor the authorities have set the date for the reopening of Playa del Amor, although it is known that it will not be this year because the area is not enough to recover.

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