Video appears to show Debanhi Escobar having a confrontation with a man the night of her death

The investigation surrounding the case of Debanhi Escobar, a young woman who disappeared and later found dead inside a cistern at the Nueva Castilla motel, is still in the eye of the hurricane due to the latest report from the Attorney General of the State of Nuevo León, Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero.

Journalist Azucena Uresti recently revealed a video showing the 18-year-old girl leaving the party she attended with a couple of friends hours before being seen in the middle of the road. In the video, it is seen how Debanhi Escobar leaves a property in the municipality of Escobedo.

The recording shows her leaving the event, an individual ran after her. Although the material does not reveal the reasons why a subject chased Debanhi moments before leaving the party, Azucena Uresti pointed out that “something is getting out of control.”

Later, another group of people approached both of them, however, the quality of the video makes it difficult to know exactly what is happening at the moment, and the group of people block the view of Debanhi. Minutes later, the driver, who has been identified as Juan David Cuéllar, arrived at the Quinta with the intention of taking Debanhi to her home.

In an interview with Info7, Juan David Cuellar said that he met Debanhi Escobar and her friends through a private transport application, where they contacted him to take them to the Quinta and exchanged numbers to later return them to their home.

According to the driver’s version, Debanhi asked him to take her down in the middle of a hill, but they ended up returning to the Quinta where he picked her up, however, Juan David commented that the young woman allegedly changed her mind again and told him to go to another party.

This last trip was when he abandoned Debanhi in the middle of the road, since, according to the taxi driver’s statements, “she started slapping me and I told her to get out.” After that, Juan David took a photo of Debanhi standing in the street after she exited his car.


According to the explanation of the Prosecutor’s Office, the teenager fell into one of the three cisterns of the hotel on her own. When asked why she did not drown in the well, the forensic coordinator pointed out that the place where the young woman’s body appeared only had 90 centimeters of water.

Although the results of the autopsy and necropsy performed on Debanhi determined that she died from a strong and blunt blow to the head and was alive when first entering the well, the FGE will not rule out any cause of death and still explains circumstances as a fall.

In the recordings that were found, it has not yet been possible to locate any image that can show the exact moment in which the event happened and that reveals greater details; the videos from the motel don’t show when Debanhi fell into the cistern.

The investigation has been categorized as femicide, indicating the investigation would have shown foul play was involved.

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