Dogs, cat and birds poisoned in Puerto Vallarta neighborhood

A total of 14 dogs, a cat and 20 birds died Tuesday morning as a result of a massive poisoning that occurred in the Campo Verde neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta.

“A report was made that there were several bodies of dogs and a cat there in the vicinity of the colony; it is presumed that the poison was placed in the garbage,” explained Silvia Álvarez Bustos, coordinator of Animal Welfare of the municipality.

She added that although the expert reports carried out by the staff of the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF) are not yet completed, it is presumed that the deaths were intentional since the poison was placed in food that was in the garbage.

“After the autopsy is completed, it will be known with certainty the substance that was used, there was talk of possibly anate, which is a poison that causes damage to the neurological system and later cardiorespiratory arrest,” the official explained. However, this is not yet confirmed.

In the case of dogs, at least four had owners, among them one who managed to save his pet and presumably there are more, since at noon today many of the neighbors were arriving and some also had dogs.

“The unfortunate thing is what could have happened, since this not only affects the animals, since it could have intoxicated some person, fortunately it did not happen in this case, the pertinent measures were taken in a timely manner and the prosecution already has a Research folder to follow up and find the person responsible for this unfortunate event”.

The municipal president, Arturo Dávalos Peña, regretted these events and shared his outrage with a large sector of the Vallarta society, which disapproves and rejects the cruelty with which these defenseless beings were apparently sacrificed.

He noted that his government has been concerned about the welfare of animals, which is why the Regulation of responsible tenure and protection of pets and companions of Puerto Vallarta was created, as well as the Animal Welfare Coordination and the Control Center, Animal Assistance and Municipal Shelter, to provide protection and attention to these beings, in addition to the actions carried out by the Subdirectorate of Municipal Ecology.

He put all his support and trust in the competent authorities to investigate the facts and punish those responsible.

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