New Fertility Clinic in Puerto Vallarta Area Meets Medical Tourism Needs

Meeting the need of locals and the growing trend in medical tourism for fertility care and surrogacy in Mexico, the LIV Fertility Clinic has opened in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta, construction was completed in December and now stands as an iconic landmark in reproductive medicine — centered on expertise, fertility innovation, and a destination retreat.

Through revolutionary medical research and specialized patient care, LIV is molding the future of reproductive medicine in Mexico. The center offers innovative services, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation, and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

“From the onset of our forecasting, the LIV development team has worked countless hours to create a new model for reproductive care and to address critical issues regarding technology, reducing IVF costs, achieving positive pregnancies and ensuring that the patient is at the center of our programs,” indicated LIV executives in a recent development meeting.

LIV introduces an exclusive, international patient support system devoted to IVF treatment for foreign patients in Puerto Vallarta. The company is offering all-inclusive packages that are providing an unprecedented benefit to fertility patients around the globe. The packages comprise of several stunning accommodation options and an elite IVF-FET warranty.

The LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta —

Fertility centers are exceptionally technical buildings that require complex and adaptable infrastructures to accommodate an ever-progressing industry. The exterior design makes a bold statement about the infertility care provided inside. It can influence the effectiveness of patient care, overall safety and what kind of experience patients come to expect.

The LIV Fertility Center in Mexico steps out in style with an awe-inspiring complement of enrichments — highlighted by its unique brand logo, accentuating the life-cycle of LIV. The IVF clinic is strategically located near striking beaches and an incredible collection of world-class attractions.

“It’s the first and only fertility center in Puerto Vallarta. It’s unique and uncommon features are different from any fertility center in the world. The center’s name itself provides a back story to how LIV provides our patient’s a fertility lifeline. When you LIV the journey, it’s easier to embrace the destination. It’s the LIV way. As one of the world’s most advanced IVF centers, we offer technologically sophisticated equipment, diagnostic services, treatment and recovery resolutions, and many distinctions within the sustainable interior design,” stated Gisel Soriano, LIV Clinical Manager.

Highlights of the LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta:

  • Led by top IVF experts — including Dr. Horacio Vega
  • Catering to foreign patients
  • Fertility specialists fluent in a variety of languages
  • State-of-the-Art IVF lab, Andrology lab and exam rooms
  • Comfortable, modernized patient recovery rooms
  • Advanced technological equipment
  • All-inclusive IVF and Egg Donation Packages (including accommodations and IVF-FET warranty)
  • Vibrant and exotic location in Puerto Vallarta (TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award 2014)
  • Located inside the prestigious San Javier Hospital (just 15 minutes from the airport)

LIV the Journey, Embrace the Destination —

Executives at LIV have long recognized the need for affordability, honesty, research and innovation in reproductive medicine.

Moving into 2015, company has bold, exciting opportunities ahead — and a chance to incorporate expertise, in-depth understanding of female and male infertility, generative experience, and commitment into the creation of its new facility in Mexico.

Creating a model for tomorrow’s fertility clinics and a source of inspiration for intended parents — at any stage of the journey — the LIV Fertility Center is earning the continuing trust and respect of patients by creating a center of excellence for all individuals who are on their journey to building a family.

The LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta is a renowned, world-class fertility center that embraces affordability, technical expertise, proven successful outcomes, and the ability to exceed the challenges for every individual case of infertility. Infertility is one of life’s most difficult encounters — medically and emotionally. The LIV team is continually striving to implement new infertility technologies and a management structure to embrace patients on their journey to parenthood. The world-class laboratory precisely reflects in the pioneering treatments of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Embryo Cryopreservation, Assisted Hatching, and Gender Selection. LIV invites you to revel in a unique cultural experience in Puerto Vallarta with its year-round stunning climate, gorgeous pristine beaches and a dazzling array of world-class attractions.

LIV Fertility Center Mission Statement

Adhering to a set of core values that characterizes our beliefs, the LIV Fertility Center’s mission is to provide affordable, trustworthy and successful infertility lifelines to those we serve on all facets of the globe.

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