Financial support to entrepreneurs in Puerto Vallarta

In the coming days the National Institute of Entrepreneurship will be holding classes in Puerto Vallarta to promote entrepreneurship and assist those business owners who have less than one-year of operation.

The Director of Municipal Economic Development, Alvaro Mora, states they are providing advice to entrepreneurs with the aim of having the necessary training and tools to successfully startup their business ideas.

Last week two courses in which 103 people participated were held. The first was called “Enterprising Businesswoman”, attended by 53 women and the second “ABC Management”, in which 50 people were present.

He explained that these classes will allow participants to learn more about how to manage their business and motivate them to continue their efforts in their work.
“These classes promote entrepreneurship and helps people understand how they can obtain resources to finance their projects, and the various grants or loans that exist at the state and federal level.”

He noted that citizens who want to start or already have a business project should approach the Department of Economic Development, “that we might know what business they are pursuing and to link them with any notice or project that has a municipal level , state and federal, to get them the information more quickly and benefit from what’s available.”

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