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Four cruises are stranded in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta currently has four anchored cruise ships in the Bay, hosted by the Puerto Vallarta Captaincy, before the cancellation of all shipping operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ships are Oosterdam, Westeram and Eurodam, as well as Norwegian Joy, from the shipping company Holland American Line. Some ships have been up to half a month without touching port due to the global closure of borders.

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The Government of Mexico opened the maritime terminals to them for humanitarian reasons, so that the shipping companies dock their cruises, but without their personnel leaving the ships.

The boats have almost 2,000 crew members, and there are no tourists on them; They will remain on ships for the duration of the contingency, and ships will be maintained. There were no suspected cases of coronavirus reported.

The local Secretary of Health reported that none of the crew will descend from the ships, so there is no need to carry out a review.