Four hospitals in Jalisco are saturated with COVID-19

Due to the upturn in coronavirus infections in Jalisco, the clinics of IMSS (Hospital Ayala), the ISSSTE of Puerto Vallarta, the Zapopan (Sedena) Military Nursing and IMSS #110 are at a maximum occupancy.

The first three are 100% saturated and the fourth is 72% of its availability to receive patients with COVID-19 coronavirus, according to information from the Federal Ministry of Health, a department that publishes this specification by hospital since last week.

Although the general hospital occupancy in the entire State is 23.9%, there are also private health centers such as the Real San José Hospital that has 95% of its beds occupied for the care of COVID-19.

In addition to those mentioned, the 46 IMSS clinic is at 58%, and the Puerto Vallarta Regional Hospital is at 54%.

In contrast, the Ángel Leaño Hospital, rehabilitated to receive those infected with coronavirus, is at 9% of its capacity.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the state government has not made the occupancy data for each hospital transparent, it only mentions the average figure for all, despite the fact that health specialists and the Institute of Transparency and Public Information (Itei) urged that it disclose with this information as it is useful in society’s decision-making.

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