google balloons

Google Balloons passing over the skies of Mexico

A balloon, which belongs to the so-called Google Loon Project, will fly over parts of Mexico today.

Depending on the visibility, the balloon can be detected as a semi transparent object that will cross the isthmus sky.

Google Loon Project is made up of a network of balloons that travel on the edge with outer space, and is intended to extend Internet connectivity to people living in rural and remote areas around the world.

The high-speed Internet connection is transmitted to the nearest balloon from the ground. It is retransmitted to the network of balloons and then back to users on Earth.

They have performed data transmission between balloons more than 100 km away in the stratosphere and back to people on the ground with connection speeds of up to 10 Mbps, directly to their LTE phones.

The course of the object can be monitored by the cell phone using an Android application called FligtRadar24.

Want to follow the path of the globe, click here.

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