Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore in Puerto Vallarta

Hundreds of fish washed ashore this Tuesday at Palmares beach, located south of the city of Puerto Vallarta, causing the astonishment of locals.

According to fishermen in the area, it is not common to see this species near the beach because they are deep-sea fish, so they believe that some tide brought them to the surface and when they entered depressurization they could reach the shore and die.

“When I woke up they were still alive. There were hundreds who were left here on the beach,” explained Roberto, the watchman of one of the bars located on the beach.

The phenomenon surprised locals and tourists who came to the beach, surprised at the fact that so many fish would be left dead on the seashore.

Hours later, personnel from the Puerto Vallarta Department of Ecology went to the site to pick up several exemplary species to be able to analyze them, since there are several hypotheses of this fact, which range from the red tide, underwater currents that threw them to the shore or even contamination. .

These are fish known as saber or tape; are residents of the region. Its distribution is worldwide, it is possible to find them from two to almost 400 meters deep, although they are generally between 100 and 200.

They can grow to about 2.3 meters long. The young and small adults form schools in the water column during the day and disperse at night to feed.

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