Growers in Jalisco harvest first table grapes grown in the state

In vineyards in the municipalities of Tolimán and Tuxcacuesco, established last year, producers from Sonora achieved the first table grape harvest in Jalisco.

Marcos Molina Rodríguez, president of the Association of Table Grapes, said that the Jalisco market was entered into due to the climate and soil characteristics, since it will allow grape production in April.

He explained that they are dates in which vineyards in other parts of Mexico do not have a harvest, which allows to extend the production for a longer time, generating a window of presence of the products in the different international markets.

“In our project are 500 hectares, this year we already produced 130. We have planted 220 more hectares that will produce next year and the next year we will plant the differential to reach the 500 hectares of the project,” explained the Sonoran producer.

With the arrival of the grape, it’s another of the economic transformations of this region, it is a source of pride and satisfaction in developing a new crop. The project is planned for a minimum of 500 hectares, which would generate approximately 1,500 jobs.

The grapes that are planted are seedless green grape, red seedless grape, special varieties such as Sweet Saphire and Cotton Candy, the latter with a very special flavor to what the name “cotton candy” refers (these varieties are patent in Spain, Israel and the United States).

The markets where the grapes will be sold are: Mexico, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, South America, Central America, among others.

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