Jalisco Prepares to Promote Medical Tourism in Puerto Vallarta

Director of Medical Tourism for the State of Jalisco has announced plans to increase the boutique tourism sector in the state, with the help of Puerto Vallarta.

Director Carlos Enrique Rodríguez Zárate said that the State of Jalisco has some of the country’s best private medical facilities, with 12 being certified by the General Health Council of Mexico.

Rodríguez said that Puerto Vallarta is currently being studied to bring more medical services to the area as an important partner in Medical Tourism for the state. The relaxed atmosphere and warm climate of the area are ideal for stress-free recovery, which could shorten recovery times for many.

“If we open to the US market, we would have to double the number of beds to cover what America needs; that is, of the 40 million uninsured Americans that could be potentially attracted to Mexico, if we cover 10%, we would have to double beds in Jalisco,” said the director.

The director hopes that Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara can work together to strengthen the medical tourism sector while focusing elective and cosmetic procedures in Puerto Vallarta, and more serious procedures in Guadalajara.

“We have as major competitors like Costa Rica and growth in Central America, Honduras and El Salvador, and major countries in Europe and Asia”.

Puerto Vallarta took first place for medical tourism in Mexico, surpassing even Cancun and the Riviera Maya, and hopes to advance to first place in all of Latin America.

Visitors to Puerto Vallarta medical facilities find highly qualified specialists, clinical labs and hospitals to offer tourists seeking medical assistance, care and world-class service with a medical infrastructure and technology to offer diagnostic, intervention, rehabilitation and recovery.

Foreigners, specifically from the United States, can benefit from procedures in Mexico by saving up to 85% in costs.

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