Mexico celebrates National Flag Day

On February 24, Mexican Flag Day is celebrated, a symbol of freedom, justice and nationality. But why?

On February 24, 1935, Benito Ramírez , an employee of the Bank of Mexico, organized an honor guard in tribute to the Flag of Mexico.

It was not until 1940 that the then president, Lázaro Cárdenas proclaimed February 24 as Flag Day in Mexico.

This date was not chosen at random, because, on February 24, 1821, headed by Agustín de Iturbide and Vicente Guerrero, the Iguala Plan was proclaimed; with it was signed the end of the War of Independence (1810-1821).

During this declaration, Iturbide carried a flag with the colors green, white and red , which represented the three guarantees that Mexicans would have once independence was declared. These were:

Green: Mexican Independence of Spain.
White: Represented the Catholic religion, which was the only accepted.
Red: Equality and union of Mexicans with Spaniards and castes.

When the Trigarante Army entered Mexico City, Iturbide carried the flag, declaring the independence of the country. During his empire the flag would undergo changes, the most important being the change of the stripes to vertical position.

When Iturbide was overthrown, the Constituent Congress declared the flag of three colors as an official flag but with some changes: the eagle took off the imperial crown, it is now represented with open wings, and at the foot of it, branches were placed of laurel and oak.

Currently the colors of the flag represent:

Green: independence and hope.
White: Catholicism and unity.
Red: unity and spilled blood.

These colors are accompanied by the national coat of arms, which has its origins in the founding myth of the Great Tenochtitlán and its components represent:

Eagle: symbol of the cosmic force of the sun
Snake: symbol of the potential forces of the earth
Nopal: Prehispanic food par excellence and plant of the Mexican landscape.

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