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Thousands of people in Puerto Vallarta shout ¡Viva México!

mexico independence day in puerto vallarta

Filled with excitement and joy, thousands of people in Vallarta chanted the Cry of Independence in celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day in Puerto Vallarta.

The chant was led by the interim mayor, Rodolfo Domínguez Monroy, who recalled the episode started by the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla 208 years ago in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato.

After the reading of the act of independence by the General Secretary of the City Council, Víctor Bernal Vargas, the mayor was flagged by elements of the Mexican Army, in the presence of councilors and officials, to later go to the balcony of the municipal presidency, accompanied by the commander of the 41st Military Zone, the Brigadier General DEM José Alfredo González Rodríguez and the Deputy Aeronautics Naval Pilot Aviator DEM Lauro Leonardo Pérez Pérez, Chief of Staff of the 8th Naval Zone, to give way to the traditional cry of independence.

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El Grito de Independencia

In his harangue, the mayor of Vallarta recalled the heroes who gave us homeland and freedom, by saying “Long live the heroes who gave us homeland and freedom! Long live Hidalgo! Long live Morelos! Long live the Corregidora! Viva Allende!, Viva Aldama!, Viva Abasolo!, Vivan Iturbide and his Trigarante Army! Viva Puerto Vallarta! Viva Mexico! Viva Mexico! Viva México!” Followed by a chorus of voices that gathered in the main square and the ringing of the bells, as Father Hidalgo did in 1810 when he called for the raising of arms.

Mexico Independence Day in Puerto Vallarta

With great pride, the attendees sang the Mexican national anthem and later, the sky was lit up with fireworks that drew countless people to the arches of the Malecon.

In the main square, there was a great Mexican party that began at 8:00 pm with the presentation of the Monumental Mariachi ‘Expedición Infinito’, the regional performance of the Municipal Folkloric Group ‘Xiutla’, the happy notes of the Municipal Band, the mariachi ‘Nuevo Continental’ and the versatile group ‘Dinámico’.