Mexico’s government commissioned architect to design $8000 home

Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao unveiled an US$8,000 home at this year’s Chicago Architecture Biennial. The low-cost house could perhaps one day complement existing social housing options in Mexico.

Working under the assertion that Mexico currently has a shortage of affordable housing, Bilbao conducted interviews and workshops with people who may benefit from a low-cost house, asking what they wanted.

The resulting home is colorful and flexible – though admittedly very basic. It comprises a central core built from concrete blocks, with surrounding modules constructed from wooden pallets. The pallets allow relatively easy expansion and alteration, and they’re also used instead of windows to offer natural light and ventilation in suitable areas of the home.

There are several potential layouts. One comprises a house suitable for a small family which includes two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a combined dining and living space. A larger family could add additional bedrooms and even an outdoor terrace, while other layouts depicted in the architect’s plans include a large workshop and a store that takes up much of the ground floor.

Depending on its size, the local regulations, and location, the home would be priced at a minimum of $8,000 and rise to a maximum of $14,000. However, a few concerns spring to mind, including the toxicity of some pallets (which are often treated in chemicals), the apparent lack of insulation, plus whether the home would even be preferable to existing social housing schemes.

Still, it’s early days yet and assuming such concerns are addressed, the home could be an interesting alternative to social housing, especially for rural and semi-rural areas. On this note, Dezeen reports that the house was commissioned by Mexico’s government as part of a low-cost housing scheme and that 23 have been built thus far (20 for a private client).

Source: Tatiana Bilbao

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