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New security forces expected to arrive in Puerto Vallarta

The State Prosecutor’s Office will start a new phase of its security plan, known as Volantas, in Puerto Vallarta and other regions of the state with a high incidence of crime, announced the security commissioner, Raúl Alejandro Velázquez Ruiz.

Volantas is a combined force of local, state, and federal police assigned to patrolling streets with the goal of reducing crime.

The decision was made after reviewing the results of the first month of operation in Guadalajara, where 214 people were arrested, mainly for drugs, possession of a firearm, and vehicle theft, in addition to 34 people with arrest warrants.

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The commissioner clarified that he has not yet met with the commissaries of the areas where the patrols will start because the decision to expand the operation in the state was made on Wednesday, but next week he plans to meet with local governments.

“We are going to start with at least two regions, Los Altos and Puerto Vallarta, those with the highest incidence in the area of auto theft, home burglary, and homicide,” he said.

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