November Health Clinics by HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta

HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta is a multi-faceted, independent, resource network that offers total health and well-being services. They offer English-speaking assistance to help find a physician, hospital and/or diagnostic service for any healthcare needs.

Each month Healthcare Resources Puerto Vallarta hosts health clinics by appointment for greatly reduced costs for consultations with medical professional in many different areas.

November’s Health Clinics:

All of our clinics are screening clinics and are by appointment only via Healthcare Resources. If you would like to attend, please send an email with the name of the person/people to attend. [email protected]

Skin Clinic
November 12 & November 17, 2015

Price: 300 pesos – PLUS members pay 250 pesos

This is a skin cancer screening check by an oncologist (not by a dermatologist). He checks from your scalp all the way to the bottoms of your feet.

Ear Clinic
November 18, 2015

Price: 375 pesos – PLUS members pay 325 pesos

This clinic is performed by an ENT who will check inside your ears and clean if necessary. Note: This is NOT a hearing test!

Cardiac Clinic
November 19, 2015

Price: 550 pesos PLUS members pay 500 pesos

Includes consult/interview with a cardiologist, EKG, Blood Pressure check. We recommend that prior to your appointment, you have a cholesterol profile and we are offering this at a discounted price.

Vascular Clinic
November 20, 2015

Price: 400 pesos – PLUS members pay 350 pesos

Our Vascular specialist will evaluate your blood flow, varicose veins, and your risk factors for vascular disease.

Men’s Urology Clinic
November 20, 2015

Price: 700 pesos – PLUS members pay 650 pesos

Includes consult/interview with a urologist, ultrasound of kidneys, bladder and prostate, measurement of residual urine. We recommend prior to your appointment a PSA and Urinalysis and we offer these at a discounted price.

Eye Clinic
November 23, 2015

Price: 425 pesos – PLUS members pay 400 pesos

Vision exam, pressure test for glaucoma, exam and evaluation by an ophthalmologist.

Mammogram Clinic
November 24, 2015 & December 1, 2015

Price: 1,100 pesos – PLUS members pay 950 pesos

Includes a digital mammogram, breast ultrasound (if deemed necessary), manual exam and complete review and explanation of your films. This is performed by a breast specialist and oncologist.

Foot Clinic
November 25, 2015

Price: 300 pesos – PLUS members pay 250 pesos

Have a complete evaluation of your feet and toes by our foot specialist. Check for fungus, corns, and bunions – the works! Our feet take a beating on the cobblestones here.

Women’s Clinic
November 27, 2015

Price: 775 pesos – PLUS members pay 690 pesos

Includes consult, pap smear, pelvic exam by a female GYN. An optional hormone profile is available at a discounted price.

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