Policemen run over and kill a minor in Puerto Vallarta

In an unfortunate accident, municipal police officers ran over and killed a minor in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta.

According to the information gathered at the scene, the child entered the street on a bicycle in front of the patrol car, the officer driving the unit could not stop in time and ran over the child.

Despite the attempts to revive the child, 6 years of age, she died instantly, causing tensions to flare in the neighborhood. Upon noticing what happened, local residents immediately began to intimidate the police.

Inflamed neighbors tried to lynch the police, so it was necessary to call for additional police units, who guarded the area and their fellow officers, who waited on the staff of the Attorney General’s Office who opening the investigation.

The Commissar from Vallarta, Misael López Muro, tried dialogue with the family of the child, who for reasons were inconsolable.

The officers were driving aboard the patrol to attend the report of a child missing in the area.

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