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Polish man declared dead wakes up in morgue

A man walking in the Polish city of Siemianowice Slaskie called the police to report a body on the sidewalk.

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The emergency services tried unsuccessfully to revive Krzysztof Nowak, 31, after which he was pronounced dead due to alcohol overdose and his body was transported to the city morgue.

However, the cold temperature of the morgue helped the man to recover consciousness. According to the morgue, the guard on duty heard the man moaning and was stunned to discover the corpse had risen.

The employee covered the man with a blanket and called the police. After recovering from the cold and answering questions from the agents, Nowak got dressed, gathered his belongings and left the place in a taxi to return home.
However, halfway through, the man changed his mind and returned to the same party where he was previously before passing out on the street.