Puerto Vallarta Looks to Modernize Urban Transportation

The modernization of public transportation in Puerto Vallarta has been a long-standing demand by residents that will benefit users, but also the tourist image of Puerto Vallarta, says Andrés González Palomera, a representative for the Jalisco Secretary of Transportation.

González held a press conference last week stating that Puerto Vallarta will be a pioneer on the national level for the modernization of urban transit.

The Secretary of Transportation in Jalisco, Mauricio Gudiño Coronado, and the leader of the Workers Union of Jalisco FTJ-CTM, Rafael Yerena Zambrano, said the announcement had been expected for a long time.

Concessions were made in a deal between the state, drivers, and unions. The state has made it possible for the refinancing and accusation of new buses in exchange for new routes and driver training. Already several new buses have been put into operation as part of the modernization of the transportation system.

As part of the deal, owners of public transportation units will be formed into one or two companies to better organize routes.

With the new routes to be implemented, some buses will be removed from the city center that are causing congestion, pollution, and noise in the tourist and shopping zones of the city. Overall, nearly 100 buses can be affected in the route changes covering the entire metropolitan area. Bus traffic in downtown is a concern that some merchants point to as the reason for declined business after the new Malecón was constructed and traffic rerouted.

Routes will take into consideration the amount of passengers using each route. Some buses currently being used in less populated areas can be moved into areas in need of additional services. The details about the routes have not been completed at this time and are expected to be announced early next year.

Vallarta Daily has been assured that people relying on the transportation services will still receive bus service, however the goal is to be a more efficient and safe service to the residents and visitors.

González noted that driver training and new guidelines will lead to fewer complaints about poor service in transportation. He added that the Department of Transportation is acting aggressively to provide the people of Vallarta the best transportation possible, world-class transportation as he referred.

The final deal is expected to be signed this week with full operation in the first quarter of 2015.

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  1. This is very good news for locals and tourists alike. Although the conditions of the roads (cobblestone) make the ride worse, the condition of most buses make it worse since the bus are not maintained properly. It surprises me very much that the bus owners went for this, unless they had no choice. If bus stops are established with visible signage, drivers and passengers alike will know where to stand and not have the buses stop all over the place. After all, this is the 21st century. Jalisco government apparently has a clue on what is happening.

    1. Buses are privately owned so they don’t cost the city or state any money. If we could stop people from paying bribes to the police and just pay their tickets to the city, there might be enough money in the budget for streets. And maybe some machines instead of 50 guys in the road hitting cobblestones with hammers to repair the street. ;-)

  2. ja,ja,ja,ja,ja…ni quien les crea que van a meter camiones nuevos por las madreadisimas calles de puerto vallarta, ja,ja,ja y no es 28 de diciembre¡¡¡¡¡ ni a mugre aire acondicionado llegan ¡¡¡¡

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