Monzón Brewing Company brings Puerto Vallarta artisanal suds and grub

Cofounders Miranda and Reid Mortimer are thrilled to announce the official opening of Monzón Brewing Company, the newest brewpub to hit Vallarta’s restaurant scene. Monzón opened Friday, August 4 at its newly-renovated location at Venustiano Carranza 239, in Vallarta’s Emiliano Zapata neighborhood.

It all started back in 2012 when two Seattle natives looking for a vacation spot to enjoy some tequila and sand. Wandering the streets of Puerto Vallarta, enjoying the delicious food and befriending anyone they met, Reid and Miranda fell in love with this wonderful city, and would dream about the idea of someday living in this tropical corner of the world.

But first they set their sights on Mumbai, India. Miranda taught elementary school and Reid found work in Mumbai’s first craft brewery, where he learned the brewing process inside and out. The Indian monsoons – sudden refreshing downpours that broke the heat of the day – were where they found the inspiration to open a brewery in Mexico, and even where they got their name: Monzón is Spanish for “monsoon.”

Thirsty yet? Monzón will be offering 8-10 of their artisanal cervezas, including a monthly featured guest brew from another local brewer, as well as a modest selection of signature cocktails – just don’t expect to find Corona.

“Not everyone drinks beer, apparently,” laughs co-owner Miranda Mortimer, “So we’ve put together a great drink menu of classic cocktails and new favorites like our Vallarta Teas.” A local spin on the classic Long Island Iced Tea, these tall sippers are available as Jamaica, Peppermint, or Lemongrass; and they pack a punch as powerful as the original.

Chef Litzy Araceli Lopez is the mastermind in Monzón’s kitchen. Her tasty creations include an array of large and small plates, blending the flavors of Mexican classics, American pubgrub, and even a few Indian-inspired dishes. Already very popular are the “Tatchos.” generous heaps of nacho toppings, nestled on a bed of Litzy’s made-in-house tater tots.

Keep an eye on Monzón’s website and Facebook feed for updates, announcements, and specials: or

Monzón’s summer hours are currently 2PM – 10PM, and the full menu is available on their website. Reid and Miranda invite anyone who is interested to come in for a tour.

About the Cofounders:
Reid Mortimer was lucky to grow up in a household where flavorless yellow fizzy water wasn’t considered beer. After graduating from the University of Washington with a bachelors in sociology and for all intents and purposes, a minor in beer consumption, he set out on a series of odd jobs until a combination of love and fate moved him 7,000 miles away from home to Mumbai, India with his amazing wife Miranda. It only took a month or so in the barren craft beer landscape that is Mumbai for Reid to find a way to turn a homebrewing hobby into a career at Mumbai’s first craft brewery. Two years in Mumbai afforded Reid time to learn, experiment and hone his skills with a wide variety of beer styles from around the world. As well as recipe formulation and brewing Reid is also the guy in charge of the numbers and the one making it O.K. for you to call your craft beer addiction a “hobby.”

After graduating from the University of Washington with the ever useful degree in philosophy, Miranda Mortimer put her idealistic world views to test by joining the lucrative field of elementary teaching. For six years she enjoyed teaching 3rd-5th grade with her extremely supportive and handsome husband encouraging her every step of the way, joining her as she worked at progressive schools in Seattle, India and Mexico. She was thrilled when given the chance to join Reid and support him in pursuing his dream of opening his own brewery. You can find Miranda at Monzón offering her favorite beers and chatting with the wonderful customers. Don’t let her smile fool you, she is also the designated bouncer and she is not afraid to use her teacher voice on anyone who has had one too many drinks and is acting like a child.

Monzón’s Mission:
Why do we brew? To craft beer and experiences that make the world feel like a smaller place. To inspire others with genuine taste derived from local and innovative ingredients that culminate in curious beers. To give back to the community via a commitment to the environment and local non-profits. Why do we brew? To save you from boring beer.

For more information or press inquiries, please contact Melissa Tropp at Curious Relations: [email protected] or +001-312-316-1736.

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