Puerto Vallarta Next in Line for New Taxis

The Transportation Secretary of Jalisco introduced the new automobile model for taxis making their way to the streets in Guadalajara.

A little sleeker design and some new colors, the more efficient and comfortable taxi for both driver and passenger is expected to fully rollout in 2015.

The state official said the vehicles will provide greater comfort and safety to passenger, and the new design will solve a long-standing issue of “Pirate Taxis”, individuals who are not licensed drivers presenting themselves as taxi services.

Each taxi will be required to have a QR code clearly present on the sides of the vehicle allowing for identification and easier process for passengers to verify the legitimacy of the service and file complaints.

The state has created a public registry that is required for all drivers to register in order to receive new vehicles to make their introduction in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta through 2015. Registration will begin in December with the Secretary of Transportation.

The state government will act as “co-signers” to purchase the new taxis and created a guarantee fund for public transportation and taxis, as part of the deal reported earlier where new buses were expected to begin operation in Puerto Vallarta. The deal allows for financing at 9% interest instead of the typical 20% interest on automobile purchases.

As with the bus deal announced, taxi drivers will be required to undergo new testing and certification.

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  1. Some taxi s are ready to fall apart and someimes I think we will need to get out and push them up the hill. Why neglect your taxi to this point and why are some drivers so rude and try to charge more than posted rate and to cheap to use the a/c and never have change…they expect to keep a 100 peso bill for a 70 peso fare…NOT, Thankfully all drivers are not the same. For best service to pick you up at home or when in town at no extra cost call the company Taxi Amigo at 322 225 0716. Not have a care we have used the for months and highly recommend them,

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