Puerto Vallarta Schools Could be Fined for Selling Junk Food

Beginning next year, the Ministry of Education in Jalisco will impose fines up to $60,000 pesos to public schools in the state, including Puerto Vallarta, that repeatedly sell junk food in their school concessions, according to the administrative coordinator, Yesenia Galvan Beltran. She stated that 300 inspections of schools have been done so far for compliance.

First failed inspections will be at 5,000 times the minimum wage, repeat offenders will receive increased fines up to 10,000 times the minimum wage.

The state has also reviewed plans to start private school inspections across the state.

Junk foods prohibited are chips, doritos, donuts, chocolate milk, and even fruit drinks high in sugar.

The Federal Government has taken on “junk food” with several restrictions, including a blackout of junk food ads during popular children programs, which has had a significant impact on snack and soda companies.

Mexico’s public healthcare system is strained with the growing cost of diseases contributed to obesity, including high blood pressure, and diabetes. Last year, Mexico surpassed the United States as the “fattest nation” and the World Health Organization reported “Mexico is the country that is eating itself to death”.

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