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Puerto Vallarta’s cruise terminal planned as theme park

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Puerto Vallarta’s Port Authority (API) will begin a series of renovations and new construction projects to develop Mexico’s only ‘theme’ cruise terminal.

The plans call for an aquarium being described as the largest in Mexico, a tequila museum pavilion, and a new promenade with restaurants and shopping.

The project has been lead through a tender process and development is done through investors and business owners.

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The new aquarium is estimated to cost $170 million pesos while the terminal upgrades are expected to cost $120 million pesos. Contracts are expected to be signed on April 12 to begin the renovations.

The companies who won the bidding for concessions were Shorex Vallarta Excursions, while for the passenger terminal and to aquarium was Blau Life.

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The projected is expected to be completed in 2018.

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The average cruise ship stay in Puerto Vallarta is only 5 hours. Current plans to create an entertainment center at the terminal could decrease tourist visits to the historical center of Puerto Vallarta and the Malecón, another blow to shop owners in the city.