Standoff in Puerto Vallarta Ends in Two Dead


The Attorney General of Jalisco has confirmed the suspect who was shot is connected to the disappearance of a City Councilman and the police had approached the suspect to question him. The suspects name is Reynaldo Palma and was called the “Commander” for his rule in local cartel and organized crime.

Reynaldo was arrested in 2012 in a stolen vehicle with two kidnapped victims and weapons. He served six months in jail.

Officials say the investigation was about Humberto Gómez Arévalo and dancer Erika Cueto Vazquez, both who have gone missing in Puerto Vallarta in separate events.

Original Story:

An eleven hour standoff ended with the death of the suspect and one police officer at Villa Río in Puerto Vallarta.

Two men were approached by an officer around 8:00 AM Wednesday, February 18, in the area of the apartment complex where one was apprehended and the other fled on foot into apartment C-6 at Villa Río in the Fluvial area of Puerto Vallarta. The original cause for questioning the suspects is unknown and their identities have not been released.

As the fleeing suspect entered the apartment gunshots were heard and the officer called for backup with the arrival of the Single Force military units on the scene.

Residents of the complex and a nearby school were evacuated and the area was secured during the standoff and eleven hours of negotiations. At approximately 5:00 PM the standoff escalated and an officer was shot and confirmed dead an hour later at a local hospital.

After receiving word that an officer had been killed, the order was given to launch tear gas into the apartment to drive the suspect out. The suspect emerged from the apartment with a shotgun when authorities shot and killed him.

On the scene, investigators found firearms, ammunition, grenades, and drugs.

No further information about the incident has been released by authorities.

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    1. That is what we are hearing, that it started as an investigation into the missing city councilman. However there is no official statement of such that we have received to confirm that version. It is however very likely and we will update the story if that information can be confirmed outside of internet chatter. It would not be the first time the cartel has engaged in these activities locally.

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