Texan Couple Overwhelmed by the Kindness of Mexicans During Hurricane

A Frisco couple is back home after surviving Hurricane Odile, and their six-day odyssey to get back to North Texas.

It was meant to be a romantic getaway in the Pacific resort of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but shortly after it started, Rachel and Jamey Bellan had to hunker down to ride out the storm. Their nightmare began when water started rushing into their room.

“It was just one of those things where you thought it was going to be the end of your life… you really did,” Rachel said.

They weren’t hurt, but they shared smartphone video that shows their soaked room with blown-out windows, and pillows as their only protection. Odile stripped the hotel of all ways to communicate, so the Bellans said the hotel made the decision on to get them out.

“Their only alternative was to load us up on buses and drive up north to Southern California and get across the border and get to San Diego,” Jamey said.

That meant a packed blue bus, with little food and water, traveling along a two-lane Baja California highway. They admit they were afraid, especially when found the road was blocked in a small town.

“It was raining up in the mountains from the storm, and the heavy river stream had taken out the road, so this entire roadway had submerged into this river,” Jamey said.

The busload of tourists, feeling vulnerable, sat for 30 hours waiting for water to recede. That’s when the Bellans said their real saviors emerged — not the government, but the townspeople.

“They were making us food, coffee, hot dogs, tacos… they were providing everything to us,” Rachel said. “They didn’t even have anything, and they did everything they could.”

One man took a chance with his own bulldozer, and that changed everything.

“He put that into the river — not knowing if it was going to fry out, if he was going to lose his own equipment — and he was doing it to get us across the river and back to our families and back to the U.S.,” Jamey said.

It worked.

The bus arrived in San Diego on Friday night, and the Bellans got back home on Saturday, full of perspective…and gratitude.

“The people that we feared most are the people that ended up saving our lives,” Jamey said.

“We’re just so happy to be back,” Rachel added.

And they’re glad to have their two little girls back in their arms.

18 Responses
  1. Laura Suárez

    I was born in spain but I live in México. I am so Glad to read what you think about México and our people. Unfortunatelly a lot of people read the media and they are scared of coming , but you can be sure that in México the good ones are the majority.

  2. Linda Beil

    One of the reasons we return to Mexico year after year is the wonderful Mexican people we have met. They are some of the most generous, kind people I’ve ever met.


    All i can say is that there is still good people out there and not just Mexico but everywhere, and we have to do goodness no matter what and not looking at who, just do good.

  4. Jan Lloyd

    i do hope if the couple are that grateful they have sent funds to help those wonderful people down in the village.

  5. Helen

    Why all the comments about them being racists instead of acknowledging how travel changed their perspective ? That’s the beauty here !

  6. tab in PA

    Why would they vacation in a place that they were afraid of the people?? That is a idiotic statement and they are complete bigots.

  7. Alex

    Gotta chime in, l lived in LA during my late teens, l was also warned by my Mexican friends and family to be afraid of racist Southern people, violent black people, dangerous Chinese drivers, vile Chicano gang members… and all the other stereotypes. l am glad that even my own mother was wrong and l lived and experienced the truth myself, there are good and bad people everywhere, do not let one worm make you believe that you have to discard the whole crate full of healthy apples. l live in beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico now, we have people from all over the world living here and visiting as well. Enjoy diversity.

    1. Victoria A. R.

      I also live in PV originally from Wisconsin, people are kind and giving here and treat the elderly with much respect than in the US. Glad they made it home safe and sound, and ARRIBA MEXICO!

  8. David Cunnison

    Been in Mexico for 30 years. I had to listen to all the lies about Mexico being violent place when I knew the truth. Mexican people some of the finest on the planet. Adversity brings out the best in people. Your car breaks down on road always someone stops to help
    And usually fixes what ever the problem is. Amazingly resourceful people just like the guy with the bulldozer risking his families livelyhood for strangers.

    1. I don’t think they mean to be racist, they are victims of political propaganda. Just like with every political party in the world, the secret to gaining power is to keep the voters scared of something that they need protected from. In border states, politics try to keep their people scared of the border and anything south.

      1. JRinPV

        Absolutely agree, I’ve lived here in Puerto Vallarta for over 20 years and first visited here 37 years ago, the US political apparatus controls the people by fear, and Mexico, unfortunately, is an easy target.
        The voters up there are so easily swayed, all in ignorance!

  9. I live in Mexico among the Mexican people , I am not surprised by your story , these are a wonderful loving people , but my experiences in the USA , Canada and other countries around the world have proved that people no matter from which country are at their best when things are at their worst . the horrible media and governments with their own interests have done the damage . I am so happy that you had an incredible adventure with a happy ending in my chosen country , enjoy all your blessings .

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