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Texas Warns Students Not to Spring Break in Mexico

The Department of Public Safety in Texas has urged students planning spring break vacations to skip Mexico.

In a statement, the department said the Mexican government has made great advances in fighting cartel violence in the country and the department commended the government’s commitment in the effort, however they noted it’s their responsibility to warn their citizens of risks and threats in travel.

“Based on the unpredictable nature of cartel violence and other criminal elements, the department urges people to avoid travel to Mexico at this time,” said Raul Munguia, police chief of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, to El Universal.

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Munguia said that while places like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Los Cabos are currently safe, there is no prediction of where cartel violence may occur under unpredictable situations. He cites the condition in Acapulco as to how rapid situations can change with cartel violence in the country.

The state issued their warnings based on the US Federal warnings released in December and reports of over 130 kidnappings of American citizens in Mexico over the last year.

The official clarified that the situation cannot be generalized for the entire country and that the Mexican government is committed to keeping foreigners safe.