Two Men Killed by Waves in Puerto Vallarta

Two tourist this weekend we killed by being dragged into the ocean by waves breaking on shore. Both bodies have been recovered by lifeguards.

The first victim was Saul Pilara, 21 year old male vacationing in Puerto Vallarta with his girlfriend and mother from Guadalajara, Mexico.

Pilara climbed on top of a rock formation along the shore to watch the waves brought by Hurricane Odile, while observing the swells Pilara was struck by a wave with great force knocking him off the rock formation and into the bay. Several witnesses attempted to save Pilara, but were unsuccessful. Pilara’s body was recovered by authorities.

The second victim has only been identified as a local street merchant, no other information about his identity has been released. Witnesses say the man was walking along the beach when he was struck by a large wave and slammed into a hotel wall, then dragged into the sea.

Both bodies were recovered by lifeguards with the assistance of the Eighth Naval District of Puerto Vallarta.

It is important that tourists and locals understand the importance of respecting the red flag warnings and remain off the beaches during these times.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sadly you will always have people that disobey warnings and pleas from authoriries it happens everywhere no matter where you are….Los Muertos and the beaches in centro have rip tides and currents even in good conditions :-/

  2. I watched two men (expats or tourists) a couple weeks back out front of the Barracuda Restaurant. They were walking out into the high waves with a tablet. Obviously taking pictures.They seemed totally oblivious to the danger they were in. The flags on the beach were red and signage was all over warning of the high waves!

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