Two-year-old child from California dies after falling from ninth floor of Hyatt Ziva in Puerto Vallarta

A two-year-old child was killed after falling from the ninth floor of the Hyatt Ziva, located in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, reported local security authorities, who acted as the first responders to the accident.

The minor and his family are from California, his mother is from Russia, and the father was identified as James Carter.

Guests of the hotel complex said that the child had fallen from a railing on the ninth floor of the hotel located on Las Estacas beach and was outraged by the fact that the hotel’s rescue teams took 10 minutes to attend to the emergency.

The family intended to go down for breakfast, but the boy approached the area of ​​the railing when he fell from the balcony. The Regional Prosecutor’s Office ordered the evacuation of all the guests from the ninth floor, as it did not guarantee security on the part of the hotel.

This is the third child to die inside Puerto Vallarta hotels in less than a week, then two minors have died in two different hotels, both from drowning in swimming pools.

The first event was recorded in the Crow Paradise on October 4, when the six-year-old minor drowned in one of the pools there, without giving more details of what happened or where the child was from.

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The second victim was a three-year-old girl, who with her family, was staying at the Marriott hotel located in Marina Vallarta and who lost sight of her parents and was later found at the bottom of one of the pools.

Although he was taken unconscious to the Hospiten medical center, in front of Plaza Marina, the closest in the area, the doctors could only confirm the death of Typoy Piukule originally from Sacramento, California.

Witnesses to the incident at the Hyatt request greater attention and care from parents, but also from hotel authorities to prevent further fatal cases of minors visiting the beaches of Jalisco.

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