Uber users in Mexico agree on decline of service: theft, poor service, rude and aggressive drivers

Some Uber users have denounced a drop in the quality of the service offered by the drivers of the transportation application and have even shown how the company’s drivers have threatened them with physical attacks.

Complaints for cases of sexual harassment, violations of Traffic Regulations, theft, and ghost trips are on the rise. Even this type of problem has affected actresses, such as Paulina Goto, who a few weeks ago said that an Uber driver raped her and locked her in the vehicle for a few minutes.

On this occasion, the complaint that rioted the users of the app was made by José María, who shared a message from the Uber driver identified as Ángel Moisés, who threatened him if he did not cancel the trip.

After the tweet went viral, José María posted that Uber staff contacted him. “Thanks to your RT’s, the Uber people contacted me. I already spoke with them on the phone and put in a request to have the driver discharged. I’ll update you on anything,” he said.

However, after the complaint, hundreds of users shared their experiences, and they agreed that every day it is more common for drivers to reject trips and force passengers to cancel them; in addition to violent and even sexist attitudes.

The biggest scam of UBER drivers in Mexico is to accept a trip but not actually be working, they wait for the client to cancel the trip because it’s taking too long for the driver to arrive, and the driver still gets paid because the client canceled.

“Once it happened to me that he [Uber driver] was stopped for about 20 minutes (he clearly wasn’t going to come for me and he didn’t move so I would cancel)”, anonymous.

“This is what they did to me a few weeks ago (the driver refused to cancel the trip). It was worse because the driver continued the trip without me, according to him he was going to cancel it. I sent an email and message from the app to Uber, but nothing happened”, Horacio González .

“Yesterday, when I asked for my Uber, they asked me where I was going and they wanted to charge me an extra 900 pesos of the rate that I already agreed in the Uber app and that the charge had already been made to my credit card, same thing, the man wanted me to cancel”, Fanny Rodríguez .

“The underlying problem comes with Uber’s lousy selection processes. Many times they are former taxi drivers who simply switched to the app. I don’t want to generalize but most of them are people with little education and no customer service. What a time when Uber was synonymous with quality”, Carlos Camargo.

“Uber’s service is increasingly disastrous and disgusting. Uneducated drivers, dirty cars. I know a bastard who has three Uber driver accounts with different names, so ridiculous are the filters that this app puts on its drivers”, J García.

“The service has declined a lot, on Wednesday I asked for a unit, three (drivers) already close to my home canceled me. I was an hour late for my job”, Alejandra.

“Recently I had a service where the driver came drugged or drunk. It was 6 in the morning and he was saying rude things to me as if we were friends even though I ignored it. I reported it to the platform, but I doubt they have paid attention”, Itzel Carrasco.

Through social networks and after reading user complaints, Uber apologized and supported its customers; however, after a few hours, the comments could no longer be read on their profile.

Another issue that users face frequently in Mexico is the demand by Uber drivers that riders must pay cash, even though there has already been a hold put on the rider’s credit card account by the Uber app. Users should never use the cash option in Uber.

Do you get charged to cancel an Uber ride?

According to the platform, a user can cancel the trip at any time, but “you may be charged a cancellation fee if you do so after an App partner has been assigned to you.”

“Cancellation fees are used to compensate App partners for the time and effort they put into traveling to your location.”

These are the cases in which you may be charged a cancellation fee:

If you cancel the trip a few minutes after the driver accepts it. The specific time depends on your location.
If the app partner canceled the trip after waiting a few minutes at the departure point. The specific time depends on your location.

A user will be exempt from cancellation fees in the event that:

App partner takes longer than expected.

If Uber detected that the App partner was not making progress toward the starting point.

“If you believe you were charged an incorrect cancellation fee, please let us know on the Review Cancellation Fee form. It can happen if the App partner canceled the trip by mistake or because it is too far from the starting point,” adds the platform on its website.

There doesn’t seem to be a fee applied to the driver if they cancel the trip, which happened frequently in Mexico where five or more drivers will accept a ride request and then cancel. Uber’s policy has ignored the needs of the rider.

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