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Botanical Gardens

Placed on 20 acres of land, the garden hosts thousands of distinctive types of plants. The gardens are found in the heart of an old growth forest, with many local and ornamental plants, a short ride from town – via auto, bus or taxi.

The gardens are in an interesting tropical dry forest environment at 1,300 feet above sea level. Against the amazing setting of mountain tops, there is much to encounter: Palm Gardens, Rose Garden, Tree Fern Grotto, Orchid House, Jungle Trails, Tropical Bird Watching, Agave Gardens, presentations of Mexican Wildflowers and the Carnivorous Plant Collection.

Bringing your bathing suit and appreciate a reviving dunk in the clear as can be Rio Los Horcones The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens is enlisted with Botanic Gardens Conservation International in Surrey, England and a memeber of the “Asociacion Mexicana de Orquideologia.” The Gardens are recorded in the Lonely Planet 2009 Guide to Mexico as a “Vallarta Must See.”

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The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens was established in 2004 and was opened to the public in 2005.

Our Vision: to build Mexico’s greatest botanical garden here in the enchanted highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Our staff is dedicated to the research and education of plant life, as well as showing the public all the beauty that nature has to offer.

Hacienda de Oro Visitor’s Center with awesome mountain views, is additionally where you will discover Hacienda de Oro Restaurant, with an friendly staff, scrumptious brick oven pizzas, salads and other Mexican claims to fame. Hacienda de Oro Restaurant was developed by Santa Rosa, CA local and widely acclaimed fine craftsman, Anthony Sbragia.