Mexican tamale called the zacahuil is three feet long

If you travel to the Huasteca in Mexico definitely have to try the tamales tamale, el zacahuil.

As exotic as its name dish that will appeal to any palate immediately and essential in the kitchen all the housewives in the area.

This food is not an ordinary tamal, on the contrary, is a tamale surprised by its size, to give an idea of ​​its dimensions are given, zacahuil can power up 70 people.

It is a tradition of the people of this area of ​​San Luis Potosi zacahuil sell only on Sundays, get up at 7:00 am and throw to buy is the most common.

The preparation is not as complicated as it sounds, is based on mass of something martajada corn ancho chile, chile guajillo, chile pasilla, roasted onion, it, manteca, various spices, baking powder and pieces of pork or turkey. This preparation is wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in a clay oven with firewood, This step is what gives it its flavor so characteristic; Served on grilled banana leaves in a bowl and served with pickled jalapenos and a rich coffee pot, in brief, Is it a delicacy to the palate!.

All this on a bed of banana leaves that wrap shaping a tamalote.

This dish is as universal in the Huasteca, it is also served at weddings, religious holidays, XV years and baptisms.

It comes as usual, as is you get what the market is rich, but can be served with various ingredients that give a better flavor, like lemon, avocado or raw onion.

The warmth you feel in the Huasteca, a good company, cola and a big bowl of zacahuil are the perfect combination to start a good day.

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