1,500 Harleys in Puerto Vallarta for Rally

The sound of 1,500 Harley-Davidson engines will fill the air in Puerto Vallarta between March 12  – 15 with the Harley Davidson Rally XVI. An estimated 3,000 riders from Mexico, Canada, and the United States are expected to bring their Harley’s and $7.5 million pesos to the local economy.

The event begins in Guadalajara and through Tequila with the finale taking place in Puerto Vallarta.

“This is a spectacular event with the arrival of 1,500 Harleys in the city in the coming days,” says Convention and Visitors Bureau director, Miguel Andrés Hernández.

The group will attempt to break the Guinness Record of Harley’s gathered on a boardwalk (Malecon) and will be judged by Guinness certifiers on the Malecón March 14. Certifiers will travel to Puerto Vallarta from New York to witness the event.

Public and private events will be held around the city during the rally, and a closing private event at the convention center.

Hernández says the event was organized with the city of Guadalajara to offer an attractive package for participants to bring their ride to Puerto Vallarta.

30 Responses
    1. The did not make any records, in fact most of it was just rained out. While the rains did not begin in Puerto Vallarta until Sunday afternoon, much of the country was covered in heavy rains for 4 days. Some people did attend the event, those who lived closer to the area, but it certainly was not close to the numbers expected and no records were broke.

  1. Lee

    How I read it is that they are all going to be parked on the Malecon. (I know they have to get there first) Does anybody know what time it starts???

  2. Trishia Jacobs-Carney

    “$7.5 million pesos to the local economy.” Perhaps the sound of all those pesos coming in will help drown out any motorcycle noise. As for the biker stereotypes — geesh, I guess the only thing I can say is, if one still thinks all ‘bikers’ are Hell’s Angels, then you need to get out and see the world more.

    1. Justin Loman

      Agreed. Harleys are very expensive to own and most “bikers” that actually participate in cross-country rallies are professional doctors, lawyers, and CEOs. This is a chance for all the good guys to spend a weekend acting like bad boys, their testosterone needs that through mid-life. More power to them :)

    2. aircor

      Can never understand why people who know nothing about what they are talking about make comments on things they know FA about. Stick to your beading classes Trisha!

      1. Justin Loman

        The world is a funny place. Aircor looks like from his profile photo that he would support bikers, maybe even be a biker, but he is rude to Trishia for saying that not all bikers are bad people. Proof you cannot judge a book by its cover I guess.

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