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30,000 Condoms Distributed in Puerto Vallarta Over Holiday Week

The Committee for HIV Prevention, COMUSIDA, has already distributed 30,000 free condoms to young people vacationing in Puerto Vallarta for the Easter holiday week.

Staff members are located on the Malecón and Lázaro Cárdenas Park providing free condoms and providing information about sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV.

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Fernando Martinez, COMUSIDA coordinator, said that this between Thursday and Sunday is their most important period to help prevent HIV during this holiday season as young tourists pour into the city for a long weekend.

Martinez said that young people travel to Puerto Vallarta for the beach and plans of consuming a lot of alcohol and engaging in casual sex, their message is if that is their plan, do it wisely. The coordinator emphasized the importance of a moment of consciousness to prevent a lifetime of regret and circumstances that could have been avoided.

Puerto Vallarta has the most reported cases of HIV per 1000 inhabitants than other any city in Mexico.