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American male found dead in Marina Vallarta boat

American, Alan Pal, 57 years old, was found dead aboard the ‘El Roro’ boat docked in Marina Vallarta.

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According to the report, it was confirmed that on Tuesday, November 13, at 12:31 pm, at Marina Vallarta, Pier 21, reported that on the boat “El Roro” a male named Alan Pal, of American origin, 57 years old, was found dead by apparent natural causes and no sign of foul play.

Authorities investigated a call from his wife that she hadn’t heard from her husband in several days while she was out of town and requested that police check on her husband. After the report, municipal police officers assigned to the area, met with the administrator of the dock, to corroborate the information and gain access to the boat.

Immediately, unit PC-10 of Firemen arrived to find the male without vital signs, and confirmed the man was the captain of the ship in which he was found.