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Bussing and frenzied dancing

Today I have managed to sleep until 0530 – jet lag wearing off, hurrah!

Most of the day will be spent travelling so plenty of time to reflect and write up a bit of drivel for our blog followers, I know JP will be especially pleased :-)

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It’s Ian’s turn to fetch our morning coffees whilst I try to back up all our apple devices – this involves standing under the modem in the corridor as the signal is too weak in our room! It doesn’t take too long and I even have time for a shower before Ian returns. It’s Sunday and the nearest Oxxo is not open but Ian has managed to find another so I don’t have to go without my vanilla latte.

I have scheduled an Uber for 9am and we are not totally sure how successful it will be. We took our first Uber in the UK a few days back and it all worked spiffingly. We have a 5 star rating and one trip on our record :-). The reason I am unsure is that I have now taken the UK SIM from my phone and replaced it with a Mexican one – I wasn’t sure if I should change my number to the Mexican one on the Uber app but then I was also not sure if it would send a notification to my UK mobile which is now no longer in the phone! We have allowed plenty of time to call taxi if it […]