Cemeteries in Puerto Vallarta are ready for families to reunite with loved ones

The seven existing cemeteries in Puerto Vallarta are ready for the arrival of thousands of people who will come during the day’s of Día de Los Muertos to reunite with their loved ones, who year after year come to live and remember the adventures, feats, and even the mischief of those who have gone.

The cemeteries located in the colonies of December 5, Ramblases, El Progreso and in the delegations of Ixtapa and Las Palmas, have already been cleaned and renovated by the Municipal Public Services staff, while the Ministry of Health, through The Sanitary Jurisdiction based in this city, has already fumigated these places to help prevent mosquito-borne illnesses.

The Ministry of Health Jalisco (SSJ), through the Sanitary Jurisdiction based in this city, carried out preventive work in order to ensure tranquility and safety to people who attend to visit their families to the graveyards during these days.

The staff of the state agency began with the operations that aim to intensify surveillance with the components of entomology, larvary control and fumigation.

“This operation is working on the elimination of water in vases, which is intended to replace the water of the vases with wet sand, to avoid water stagnation, as well as replacing natural flowers with artificial ones,” they stated in a press release.

These actions prevent the population from contracting any disease transmitted by the vector Aedes Aegypti as: Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya.

Also, Municipal Public Services personnel have carried out cleaning works, removing weeds and garbage in the sites, as well as revamping the graveyards.

According to the commissioner, Misael López Muro, a security and protection protocol will be deployed in which around 500 police elements will participate, along with Civil Protection.

The objective, said the commissioner, is to guarantee the safety of around 50,000 people who will go to the seven existing cemeteries in Puerto Vallarta and, like last year, maintain safety during these days.

Remembering that “we all make safety,” López Muro asked the citizens to act responsibly and to heed the advice of the authorities.

Please be advised if you are planning on visiting a cemetery that glass bottles are prohibited.

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