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Katie Meade, first beauty campaign model with Down Syndrome

Katie Meade

Hair care line Beauty & Pin-ups is changing the face of beauty with Katie Meade, the first woman with Down syndrome to star in a beauty campaign.

The 32-year old is the face of the company’s hair rescue masque called “Fearless”.

“The line is about the celebration and the empowerment of women and the look to the retro pin-up … As soon as we knew the product was going to be called ‘Fearless’ it was only one choice to be our pin-up,” Beauty & Pin-ups chief executive Kenny Kahn said.

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“Katie and I have been friends. We met through Best Buddies International and we decided it was the simplest decision ever to ask Katie to be our brand ambassador and the face of the product.”

Meade said seeing herself in pictures modeling is “amazing”.

“I can tell everybody that people with disabilities can have abilities like I do,” she said. “And I’m blessed to be part of this.”