Crocodile captured in Puerto Vallarta at Parque Lineal

Elements of the Municipal Government's Environment Department captured an adult crocodile approximately 2.63 meters long, in Linear Park, near the Ex Haciendas del Pitillal, this...
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At least 28,900 people fled their homes in Mexico in 2021 forced by violence

In April 2021, 204 people fled their homes in the municipality of Cotija, in Michoacán, after members of a criminal group broke into their homes...
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Puerto Vallarta Malecón will be repaired due to damage caused by high waves

In a regular session of the Tourism and Economic Development Commission in cooperation with the Environment and Public Services Commissions, the opinion derived from a...
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Americans are driving to Mexico to buy cheaper eggs, could cause shortage and higher prices for Mexicans if it continues

The wide difference in egg prices between the United States and Mexico causes American consumers to come to the border strip between the two countries...
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American woman died after falling from a building in Mexico City

A woman identified as Anna died on the morning of January 23 after falling from a balcony located in a building in the Nápoles neighborhood,...
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Blockade in the hotel zone of Cancun caused tourists to walk miles to the airport

Taxi drivers imposed a blockade at the accesses to the hotel zone of Cancun, Quintana Roo, for which hundreds of tourists and locals had to...
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Puerto Vallarta registers an 8% increase in insecurity compared to a year ago

At the end of last year, the percentage of the adult population that considered it unsafe to live in their locality registered an increase in...
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Two apartment buildings catch fire in Puerto Vallarta this morning

Puerto Vallarta firefighters had a busy morning with two apartment building fires within hours of each other, one in Marina Vallarta and another leaving an...
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Alleged drug traffickers shoot at US drone at the Arizona border

Security cameras on the border in Arizona, Phoenix, captured the moment when alleged members of the criminal cell "Los Chapitos" tried to shoot down a...
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“They are a plague”… “Don’t come”… What some Mexicans really think about Americans moving to Mexico

In 2019, the Mexican authorities reported 780,000 Americans living in Mexico, and according to the US State Department, during the pandemic, there are 1.7 million...
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64% of people living in Mexico feel unsafe, down 1% from 2022

two-thirds of the population aged 18 and over considered living in their city unsafe, according to the National Survey of Urban Public Safety (ENSU) that...
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American Elliot Blair’s death in Mexico declared an accident, family says it was a brutal murder

Elliot Blair, a US citizen, died in Mexico under conditions that have caused controversy due to the contradictory versions of events. The Attorney General of...
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