Face the heatwave with a refreshing drink

Given the high temperatures that are registered throughout the country, the alternative to cool off, without a doubt, is a drink, with or without alcohol.

Margaritas, sangria or even fresh coconut or strawberry waters with habanero pepper are some of the options that can be enjoyed and prepared at home to face the heat, according to experts in mixology, who shared their best recipes.

The bartender of the Riviera Cultural Center of Ensenada, Adrián Savedra, thinks that there is not a drink more refreshing than the margarita, which was invented in 1948 by David Negrete, who was originally from Tehuacán Puebla and worked in this place formerly known as Hotel Playa.

“It is said that Margaret Kingland was the second owner of the entire Riviera; she went to the bar daily and one day she asked David for a refreshing drink, something different and David for a month was mixing liquors until he created the Margarita which he named in her honor,” he said.

This drink, which can be enjoyed with or without alcohol, detailed Savedrá, carries orange liqueur, white tequila, green lemon, and syrup, as well as whole ice because this drink is originally on the rocks and goes frosty as it is usually offered.

“The margarita is the most refreshing because it has little sweetness which makes it a drink not cloying compared to other cocktails,” said the expert on beverages.

Another alternative to reduce the effects of heat, said the bartender, is a sangria, which is prepared with syrup, lemon, ice, mineral water and wine.

In turn, the chef Rufo Ibarra pointed out that in his restaurant Oryx Capital Gastro Pub, located in Tijuana, Baja California, offers to refresh customers with a variety of drinks, among which the “paloma encabronada” that has grapefruit juice and tequila infused with chile de árbol.

One of the best drinks to fulfill the task of mitigating the effects of heat is what has been named “Del Huerto”, which is prepared by mixing gin, beet juice, strawberry puree, lemon juice and syrup or simple honey.

“Another simple option is fresh water but you have to put some ingenuity; Mix it with a bit of ginger or some thyme-like herbs that are very good, you can also make for example a tamarind water with ginger that is delicious or strawberry water with habanero is very good,” he recommended.

Although you can think that the pepper is hot, he explained, “what you can do is remove the spicy part and leave the flavor, which is achieved by putting them in boiling water with salt and remove them and store in cold water so the flavor of the chile remains but without spicy “.

The chef also recommended preparing aguachiles or cebiche, dishes that are part of the Mexican culinary culture “super fresh and very versatile.”

In that sense, Dan Rodríguez, a mixologist from Puerto Vallarta, agreed that the shrimp, cayo, octopus cebiches, as well as aguachiles are the most refreshing dishes for this hot season.

Likewise, he shared the recipe for his “Jalixcoco” drink, which is made with rootlet, wheat grass, ginger, coca water and lemon juice.

“We also have another cocktail, which is a version of a margarita, we call it ‘Tuitosmargarita’, which has the same ingredients as the margarita, but we substitute the tequila for rootlet and add pure agave honey, lemon juice and instead of using salt, we rim the glass with black garlic salt,” he explained.

And for those who do not enjoy intoxicating drinks, Dan Rodriguez proposes mocktail, which are non-alcoholic cocktails, like a Jamaican margarita with spices, which stands out as a very refreshing drink.

“But to be hydrated, coconut water is an option because it hydrates you, gives you protein, is very nutritious, for me it is the best remedy for heat,” the expert shared.

Thus, among a variety of recipes for drinks and dishes, Mexicans can find a way to withstand the high temperatures that are registered throughout the country and are the result of the heat wave that affects the country.

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