Farewell Mexico!

Farewell Mexico!

Working the barbie That’s it, today we are leaving Mexico for good.

We woke up really early, brushed up and packed our toothbrushes. The taxi arrived a few minutes early. We loaded up and were on our way. The taxi driver practiced his broken English on me and we had a chat about the differences between Israel and Mexico (I think it would be much easier to list the similarities – there are none!)

We got to the airport with time to spare. The check-in was quick and efficient, we got our boarding passes and through security quickly, as there were few people there so early in the morning. What Mexican in his right mind would wake up early enough to be at the airport at 7AM?!

We wandered the duty-free, used the rest rooms and got a large coffee while waiting for our gate to be declared. In Mexico they usually declare your boarding gate no more than an hour before the flight, and usually less. The plane parks at the gate, the previous passengers disembark while the plane is refueled, the plane is quickly cleaned and passengers are boarded. Turnaround is as fast as they can make it. The meat of the matter So we boarded the flight to Mexico City, where we’d change to a flight to Tijuana. The flight was ok, I guess, except for a couple of kids who were very noisy and seated close to us. Lucky it’s a short flight.

We disembarked at Mexico City just […]

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